About the Artist



Recent and On-Going Exhibits featuring Pauline Goss art works
  • Linart Gallery, 2017, 2018
  • Old Chelsea Gallery, 2018
  • Applecrate Galleries, 2018
  • Walter Baker Sports Centre in Barrhaven, Ottawa Watercolour Society exhibit
  • Atrium Gallery Solo Exhibition, Oct 21, 2016 – Nov 23, 2016
  • Shenkman Community Gallery, 2015, 2016
  • Annual Orchid Society Show, Kanata and Barrhaven, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • St Brigid’s Ottawa, 2014

Words from the Author

“Every day I admire the sensational phenomenon of nature and light as it combines to provide us with a show of wonder and entertainment. Every new day and every new scene presents hundreds of pictures waiting to be painted. I am fortunate to live in a magical environment where four seasons dramatically change my subject every year.

“I continue to be inspired by forested areas around my home. I take lots and lots of pictures and I stop and admire any detail that catches my eye. I make sketches when I can and I draw in my head when I can’t draw on paper.”

“When using watercolour, my painting starts with a light sketch followed by the splashing of paint on Arches paper. From that point on the painting starts to take a life of it’s own. The patterns made by the ‘paint splashes’ direct my initial strokes. For this reason, I can never fully predict the outcome of the finished product. I make full use of the technique of painting behind objects. For me, this play of looseness over control is what makes watercolour such an exciting medium.”

“I love using curved lines and bold colour. For landscape compositions I often use a strong vertical and horizontal direction while florals tend do be depicted in a more dramatic diagonal.”

“Many of my paintings are the result of all the blending that can be achieved by using just three or four colours. Although I love to experiment with many different colour combinations, one of my favourite colour schemes includes Prussian Blue, Pyrrol Red/Quin Rose, Hansa Yellow with an occasional Sap or Green Gold. The range and variety that can be achieved from these colours is astounding. I look for mood and harmony in my finished painting and when I see it, I feel a sense of accomplishment.”

“I paint for the sheer joy and relaxation that it brings and I paint from the inspiration I get from watching nature’s never-ending show.”